a history of dexterparadise.com


where, oh where, to begin...

Maybe we should start at the beginning.  In between engineering at Vanderbilt and Business at UConn, I started doing web consulting for a handful of clients.  This group included local contacts and friends of friends. 

I needed to have a website where I could stage the work I was doing and be able to show it to the clients for feedback, so I opened up dexterparadise.com to serve that purpose.  I created folders for each of my clients (ie, dexterparadise.com/clientA), but I couldn’t just have a blank homepage for my own website. 

The homepage I created was generated out of playing with graphic editing plugins to create the background and a derivative of Flash to produce the spinning logo.  I planned to one day upgrade the site into a full-fledged marketing and client-management tool, but I never got around to it.  I was getting enough business from referrals that I didn’t need one.


More coming soon, including links to see the live versions!